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Who Geo? U•Geo ! (project plan 1 of 7)

February 24, 2011

Aim of U•Geo is increasing the geospatial potential of national survey data (held by UK Data Archive) for social and humanities researchers.

This means better metadata, more data, more detailed geography.


1.   clear info for users on how survey data in the Archive collection can be linked to UK Borders boundary data – and which boundaries to link to  (data can then be used in geospatial applications)

2. standardised and temporal referenced spatial unit metadata definitions for Archive (so easier to find data that can be used in GIS and no confusion over spatial units)

3. scope having more data with detailed geography available for users via Secure Data Service (SDS) or Special Licence (SL) agreements and ArcGIS software available to SDS users (detailed geography often removed from surveys to avoid disclosure risks)

4. review requirements for DDI-based Archive metadata schema to become INSPIRE and Gemini compliant

U•Geo will deliver :

1. what do social geo users want from Archive data  (user needs report)

2. all the behind-the-scene info on data, spatial units, linked geographies (metadatabase of national survey data with spatial units,  linkable boundary geographies and data access conditions)

3. portal on Archive website to explore how Archive data can be used in geospatial applications and linked to existing boundary geographies (metadatabase underneath) (or if feasible enhancement of current search facilities of the Archive data catalogue)

4. use unique and time-stamped spatial unit definitions in the Archive data catalogue metadata scheme

5. more survey data with detailed geography available via SDS or Special Licence arrangements and ArcGIS software available to SDS users

6. Archive DDI-based metadata mapped to INSPIRE/Gemini and roadmap for UK Data Archive catalogue to become INSPIRE compliant

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