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Benefits – project plan 2 of 7

February 28, 2011

As benefits for the university sector, we will provide better information (metadata) on how data held at the UK Data Archive can be used in geo applications; increase the use of social data in GIS and make more data available with detailed geography.  A problem for social science data is that access to detailed georeferenced data is limited as geography vars are often removed to anonymise data. SDS and special licensing offer solutions to make more detailed geography variable available to users.

caught the benefit

By developing a roadmap for the Archive’s metadata to become INSPIRE and Gemini2.1 compliant, and already implementing developments during this project as much as possible, the Archive will moce towards INSPIRE complainec and its catalogue will become cross-searchable by Go-Geo! and other data services.

With the GECO project we plan to hold a workshop on Data Documentation Initiative metadata (schema used by most social science data centres) and INSPIRE compliance.

The benefits for the UK Data Archive will be that everything we find out will feed into current practices and standards at the Archive, will be used to improve the Archive’s metadata (e.g. better and time-stamped spatial unit definitions, linkable boundary layers) and will inform developments of  the Archive’s workflow and infrastructure that are being planned.

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