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Budget – project plan 7 of 7

February 28, 2011

The total project budget is £88,759. Itemised budget costs are:

% of budget
Project manager 10
Project officer 16
SDS expertise 2
Programmer 6
Admin 1
Subtotal staff 35
Travel and expenses 3
Hardware/software (incl ArcGIS licence SDS) 6
Dissemination 1
Evaluation 1
Consultancy EDINA 18
Consumables 1
Subtotal non-staff 29
Estates costs 5
Indirect costs 30
Total project cost 100
Amount requested from JISC 95
Institutional contributions 5

Main costed staffing covers the staff at the University of Essex and consultants at EDINA. The cost of a single PC has been added to the budget, as well as a contribution towards the licensing fee for ArcGIS software for the Secure Data Service (the remainder of the licence, as well as future licence will be covered by SDS). Since SDS users can be from all UK HE&FE institutions, an institutional ArcGIS licence is not suitable.

Travel and subsistence covers travel for UKDA-EDINA collaboration, steering committee meetings, participating in JISC programme events and for dissemination and promotional events.

The UK Data Archive, University of Essex, makes both a direct and indirect contribution to the project cost, as Matthew Woollard’s time (5 days minimum) is not costed into the budget and therefore provided by the Archive at no cost. Also project input from staff of Data Services and Acquisitions will be covered by the Archive and is not costed to the project.

The budget is managed by the University of Essex Research Office.

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