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Timeline, workplan, methods – project plan 6 of 7

February 28, 2011

Workplan U•Geo

Our work packages are:

WP1. Query the UK Data Archive catalogue database to identify national survey datasets for the period 1960-2010 with their spatial units, geography variables and access conditions. Priority will be given to time series data. Evaluate and validate spatial variables within individual data files to be able to identify spatial unit definitions used. Uniquely identify and define spatial units for all data. Verify to which readily available boundary and point geography resources spatial units can be mapped. All gathered info will be catalogued in a database and incorporated into an online geo-service web resource.

Assess user needs by interviewing / surveying a selection of existing users of Archive data who use data in geospatial applications.

WP2. Based on findings of WP1, standardised and time-referenced spatial unit definitions are developed for use as metadata in the Archive catalogue and recommendations will be made for improvements to how spatial unit metadata are created for the Archive catalogue. Definitions will follow standard definitions such as those used by i.a. ONS. This includes recommendations for development to the Archive deposit form, input programme, catalogue and discovery services to ensure that spatial units are uniquely defined in metadata records.

WP3. Discussions with the Secure Data Service director, the UK Data Archive acquisitions officer and data owners to scope how selected data identified in WP1 can be acquired with detailed spatial units and made available via SDS or via Special Licence regulations.

WP4. Map UK Data Archive catalogue metadata to INSPIRE metadata requirements and develop a roadmap of measures and developments required for the UK Data Archive catalogue metadata to become fully INSPIRE / Gemini 2.1 compliant and to be cross-searchable by Go-Geo!, JISC’s UK academic geoportal. The requirements will be incorporated in developments of the data ingest workflow and data and catalogue infrastructure planned to be developed in the future at the Archive and will also fit into the Archive metadata developments of implementing a DDI3.1 metadata structure.

WP5 Evaluate. Ensure deliverables have been met and findings have been fed into Archive practices and future development requirements. Seek user view on project results.

Project management will centre around engaging users, active discussions, manageable tasks, reaching deliverables and realistic expectations.

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