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Report – What do social sciences geo users want from Archive data ?

November 11, 2011

We asked researchers that regularly use UK Data Archive data collections in geospatial applications, what they want or need to make better use of social science data for these purposes.

These researchers either use social science survey data available from the the Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS) or the Secure Data Service (SDS). We focused in on how they work with geospatial data and what they require from data providers (like the UK Data Archive) to make their research most effective.

We also drew upon additional info from two recent reports: an ESRC-commissioned report on geospatial data needs in the social sciences community [1] and a report on geospatial support services in higher education institutions [2].

Our brief report shows the suggestions and recommendations made by users, and how we took those on board in further activities of the project.


[1] Owen, D., Green, A. & Elias, P. (2009) Review of geospatial resource needs.
[2] Sutton E., Chisholm, H. & Armitage, T. (2010) Survey of Support for Geospatial Resources within Higher and Further Education.

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