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U•Geo at GISRUK 2012

February 16, 2012

We will be presenting the U•Geo project findings, and the Browser app, at GISRUK 2012in Lancaster this April. This is the UK’s largest GIS research conference, and a great chance to show off what we’ve done and bolster awareness of the issues our work has highlighted. The abstract is included below, and the full paper will be published in the conference proceedings later in the year. Hope to see you there.

Unlocking the geospatial potential of survey data

National survey data presents a hugely valuable, but currently underused resource for researchers, learners and teachers using geospatial methodologies. Spatial units are the fundamental method of georeferencing survey data and the integrity of any analysis or visualisation relies on their appropriate usage. Building on the UK Data Archive’s expertise in the preservation and dissemination of social science data, we looked in-depth at ways of increasing the value of UK Data Archive services to GIS users. Our developments include a novel web application which assists in the location, interpretation and linkage of spatial unit variables in datasets.

What GISRUK 2012
Where Lancaster, UK
When Apr 11, 2012 – Apr 13, 2012

Budget note

This presentation is funded from the dissemination budget of the JISC-funded U·Geo project, costed at £800 for conference registration (£265pp) and train travel for 2 people.

EDIT: Paper presented and well recieved. The slides from the presentation are available here: .

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